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Regular research papers

The effects of environmental features and overstory composition on the understory species assemblage in sub-Mediterranean coppiced woods: implications for a sustainable forest management

Tardella F.M, Postiglione N., Vitanzi A., Catorci A.


Structural diversity closely associated with canopy species diversity and stand age in species-poor montane forests on Loess Plateau of China

Liu N., Wang H., Nan H.


Factors affecting composition of gravel bar vegetation in middle reach of a lowland river

Škornik S., Meznarič M., Kaligarič M.


The effects of elevation on the morpho-anatomical and ecological traits in Cyclamen coum subsp. coum Mill. populations in the central Black Sea Region of Turkey in contrasting habitats

Özbucak T.B., Polat G., Akçin Ö.E., Kutbay H.G.


Different patterns of changes in foliar carbon isotope composition along altitude

He Z., Zhan S., Wang W., Hu L., Wu S.


A new model for desertification assessment using Geographic Information System (GIS) − a case study, Runiz Basin, Iran

Masoudi M., Jokar P.


Significance of stump-sprouting for the population size structure and spatial distribution patterns of endangered species, Magnolia cylindrica

Li J., Wu Y., Wu T., Cao L., Chen J., Qiu Z., Zhang Y., Xu G., Zhang J., Liu P.


A non-soil seed bank dependent on the size of clonal plants: the case of Carex cespitosa, a guerrilla species in an unmown meadow

Borkowska L., Lembicz M., Kasprzykowski Z.


The influence of vegetation structure on the composition of the seed rain and seedling pool in abandoned Molinion caeruleae meadows

Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt K.