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Terms of Recruitment for the International Doctoral School in Biological Sciences 
at the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS

I. General conditions

  1. Both Polish citizens and foreign nationals with a Master of Science degree or an equivalent qualification are eligible to apply for admittance to the 4-year intramural Doctoral School in the Biological Sciences.
  2. Fluency in the English language is required.
  3. The candidate should select the topic/subject of their thesis studies from the currently offered projects (or propose her/his own) and must receive preliminary approval from one of the supervisors/professors at the Institute.
  4. The candidate must submit all required documents before the deadline and successfully pass the recruitment process.

II. Required documents

  1. A completed application form with signed consent of a prospective supervisor, plus two passport style photographs .
  2. An official copy of their Master’s diploma, or temporary certification of completion of MSc studies. A candidate submitting a certification document is required to supply their diploma once she/he has been accepted to the Doctoral School.
  3. An academic CV including full personal details, training and academic accomplishments to date, along with a short description of the candidate’s interests and other achievements, plus a list of publications.
  4. Any candidate accepted to the School who is currently employed by another institution should provide written consent from their employer for the duration of their doctoral studies.

III. The recruitment process

  1. The recruitment process is usually carried out in September. The exact time will be announced by the Director of the Museum and Institute of Zoology and made public on the Internet and as a printed announcement displayed within the Institute, at least 3 months before the deadline for applications.
  2. Selection will be made on a competitive basis.
  3. Candidates will be assessed by a Recruitment Commission appointed by the Scientific Council of the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS.
  4. Candidates meeting the general conditions will be invited for interview (see Interview). A candidate’s prospective supervisor will participate in this interview.
  5. The final decision to accept a candidate for the Doctoral School is made by the Director on the recommendation of the Head of the Doctoral School.
  6. Candidates will be informed of the results of the recruitment process within 1 week of the interview.