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  Regular research papers  
  KOSTRAKIEWICZ K. - The influence of shadow created by adjacent plants on phenotypic plasticity of endangered speciesTrollius europaeus L. (Ranunculacea)
  MA Y., JIANG H., WANG B., ZHOU G., YU S., PENG S., HAO Y., WEI X., LIU J., YU Z. - Carbon storage of cycad and other gymnosperm ecosystems in China: implications for evolutionary trends
  LU T., MA K., ZHANG Y., NI H., FU B. - Species similarity - distance relationship in wetlands: effect of disturbance intensity
  LI T., DENG J.-M., WANG G.-X., CHENG D.-L., YU Z-L. - Isometric scaling relationship between leaf number and size within current-year shoots of woody species across contrasting habitats
  CHENG D.-L., WANG G.-X., TANG Q.-L., LI T., ZHONG Q.-L. - Invariant allometric relationship between above- and below-ground biomass along a moisture gradient in North- West China
  YUAN Z., SHI F. - Ecological adaptation strategies in alien species: effects of salinity, temperature and photoperiod onSpartina alterniflora Loisel. seed germination
  UVAROV A.V., KOLOSOVA N., KULINICH O. - Combined effects of earthworms and diurnal temperature fluctuations on successional changes of litter nematode community
  RYSZKOWSKI L., KARG J., GLURA M. - Influence of agricultural landscape structure on diversity of insect communities
  ZIMMERMAN K., KONVIČKA M., FRIC Z., ČIHAKOVÁ V. - Demography of a common butterfly on humid grasslands: Argynnis aglaja (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) studied by markrecapture
  KOŁODZIEJCZYK A., NIEDOMAGAŁA W. - Relict invertebrates in lacustrine habitats: life history of Pallaseopsis quadrispinosa (Sars, 1867) (Amphipoda: Gammaridae) in a deep mesotrophic lake
  ČEJKA T., HAMERLIK L. - Land snails as indicators of soil humidity in Danubian woodlands (SW Slovakia)

BAKARIA F., BENYACOUB S., GAUTHIER-CLERC M., BAŃBURA J. - Long-term changes in the size, structure and location of whiskered tern, Chlidonias hybrida (L.) nests in deteriorating environmental conditions of a North African lake

  LESIŃSKI G. - Bats at small subterranean winter roots: effect of forest cover in the surrounding landscape
  QIAO Y., WANG Q., WANG W. - Yak (Bos grunniens L.) grazing effects on vegetation of alpine meadow with Potentilla fruticosa L. (Rosaceae) shrub in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  Short research contribution  
  TUCIĆ B., VULETA A., MANITAŠEVIĆ JOVANOVIĆ S. - Protective function of foliar anthocyanins: in situ experiments on a sun-exposed population of Iris pumila L. (Iridaceae)
  STAŠIOV S. - Milipede (Diplopoda) communities in mixed oak-hornbeam forest stands - effect of selected site factors
  OŻGO M., ABRASZEWSKA A. - The importance of peat excavation water bodies for biodiversity and conservation: a case of three Unionidae (Bivalvia) mussel species
  MEISSNER W., MARKOWSKA K. - Influence of low temperatures on behaviour of mallards (Anas platryhynchos L.)
  GRABCZYŃSKA O., OLEJNICZAK I., PRĘDECKA A., RUSSEL S. - Short-term effects of prescribed forest fire on soil mites (Acari)
  ILIEVA-MAKULEC K., GRYZIAK G. - Response of soil nematodes to climate-induced melting of antarctic glaciers
  Research notes  
  DOLENEC Z. - Impact of local air temperatures on the brood size in starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.)