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  Regular research papers  

ZIELIŃSKI P., GÓRNIAK A., PIEKARSKI M.K. - The effect of hydrological drought on chemical quality of water and dissolved organic carbon concentrations in lowland rivers


SWIONTEK BRZEZINSKA M., LALKE-PORCZYK E., DONDERSKI W., WALCZAK M. - Degradation of chitin in natural environment: role of Actinomycetes


MACH J., LANTA V., BASTL M. - The effect of mining and vegetation scarification on the survival and establishment of Pinus rotundata Link. and P. sylvestris L. in contrasting peat bog habitats


WANG Q.,WU N., LUO P. - Simulation of light regimes in typical subalpine forest succession series of eastern Tibetan Plateau


BILGIN A., KILINÇ M., KUTBAY H.G., YALÇIN E., HÜSEYINOVA R. - Effects of sexual reproduction on growth and vegetative propagation in Arum maculatum L. (Araceae): in situ removal experiments

  SUDNIK-WÓJCIKOWSKA B., MOYSIYENKO I., SLIM P.A., MORACZEWSKI I.R. - Impact of the invasive species Elaeagnus angustifolia L. on vegetation in Pontic desert steppe zone (Southern Ukraine)

SHI F., YUAN Z., HE K.S., LI J., GUO S. - The ecological profit in phenology and pollination of alien species Spartina alterniflora (Loisel) introduced to coastal wetlands in northern China

  YOSEFZADEH H., TABARI M., ESPAHBODI K., JALALI G.A., BUSSOTTI F., ABDI E. - Inter and intra population variation of leaf morphological traits in natural stands of Buxus hyrcana (Pojark.) in Caspian Forests (Iran)

KOSIŃSKI I., STEFANOWICZ?HAJDUK J., OCHOCKA R. - Demographic versus genetic (RAPD) variation between and within two populations of the clonal plant Paris quadrifolia L. (Liliaceae)

  PICHLER V., ĎURKOVIČ J., CAPULIAK J., PICHLEROVÁ M. - Altitudinal variability of the soil water content in natural and managed beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests

JAKUBIK B. - Food and feeding of Viviparus viviparus (L.) (Gastropoda) in dam reservoir and river habitats


KOŁODZIEJCZYK A., LEWANDOWSKI K., STAŃCZYKOWSKA A. - Long-term changes of mollusc assemblages in bottom sediments of small semi-isolated lakes of different trophic state

  CZECHOWSKI W., MARKÓ B., GODZIŃSKA E.J. - Corpse carrying in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): behavioural side effect of aggressive arousal or competitive signaling?

JASIEŃSKI M. - Cogradient pattern of growth in montane and lowland larvae of Rana temporaria (L.) at two levels of temperature

  FLUX J.E.C., BULL P.C., ZDUNIAK P., TRYJANOWSKI P. - Lack of synchrony between breeding in two neighbouring starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.) populations in New Zealand: evidence of no regional effect of the ENSO?

Short research contribution

  STOJKOVIĆ B., BARIŠIĆ-KLISARIĆ N., AVRAMOV S., TARASJEV A. - Effect of genetic relatedness on the allometric relationship between biomass investment and sexual reproduction in clonal plant
  CHEN H., WU N., GAO Y., YAO S., WANG Y., TIAN J., SUN G., YUAN X. - The effect of habitat on methane emission from an alpine wetland
  CSONTOS P., BÓZSING E., CSERESNYÉS I., PENKSZA K. - Reproductive potential of the alien species Asclepias syriaca(Asclepiadaceae) in the rural landscape
  LI W., ZHANG Y., WANG Y. - Invasion of Descurainia sophia (L.) (Cruciferae) in alpine meadow is enhanced by ground disturbance made by Myospalax fontanierii (Milne-Edwards)
  DUMNICKA E. - New for Poland tubificid (Oligochaeta) species from karstic springs
  Research notes  
  SIELEZNIEW M., DZIEKAŃSKA I. - Butterfly-ant relationships: host ant specificity of Phengaris 'rebeli' Hirschke (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Pieniny Mts. (Southern Poland)