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Regular research papers


SOLON J., ROO-ZIELIŃSKA E., DEGÓRSKI M. - Landscape scale of topography-soilvegetation relationship: influence of land use and land form


KOWALSKA A. - Changes in the area of protected plant communities in the middle Vistula River valley in the second half of the 20th century


BĄBA W., KUROWSKA M., KOMPAŁA-BĄBA A., WILCZEK A., DŁUGOSZ J., SZAREJKO I. - Genetic diversity of populations ofBrachypodium pinnatum (L.) P. Beauv.: expansive grass in a fragmented landscape


SKRAJNA T., KUBICKA H., RZYMOWSKA Z. - Phenotypic variation in relation to seed storage protein polymorphism inBromus secalinus L. (Gramineae) populations from North-Eastern Poland


ANTKOWIAK W., CEDRO A., PRAJS B., WOLKO Ł., MICHALAK M. - Success of wild pear Pyrus pyraster (L.) Burgsd. in colonization of steep sunny slopes: an interdisciplinary study in the Bielinek Reserve (NW Poland)


CATORCI A., SCAPIN W., TARDELLA F.M., VITANZI A. - Seedling survival and dynamics of upper timberline in Central Apennines


WANG Q., YUAN X., LIU H., ZHANG Y., CHENG Z., LI B. - Effect of long-term winter flooding on the vascular flora in the drawdown area of the Three Georges Reservoir, China


KOŁOS A., PRÓCHNICKI P. - Long-term effects of annual mowing on spatial structure of sedge meadows in vicinity of riparian forests


LI K., FANGMEIER A., HU Y., LU C., LIU X. - Positive grass diversity-productivity relationships and controlling factors along an elevation gradient in Central Asian alpine grasslands


DU F., XU X., ZHANG X., SHAO M., HU L., SHAN L. - Responses of old-field vegetation to spatially homogenous or heterogenous fertilisation: implications for resources utilization and restoration


WANG J.-C., SHI X., YIN L.-K., ZHANG D.-Y. - Variation of sexual and clonal reproduction in Eremosparton songoricum (Litv.) (Fabaceae) on drought in arid regions: an experimental approach


SKÓRCZEWSKI P., MUDRYK Z.J. - Different antibiotic resistance of neustonic and planktonic bacteria in a freshwater coastal lake: implication for strain selection


TICHÁ K., SIMON O.P., DOUDA K., KUBIKOVÁ L. - Detrital components in submontane organogenic springs in relation to their morphology, microhabitats and macroinvertebrates


CSATA E., MARKÓ B., ERÖS K., GÁL C., SZÁSZ-LEN A.-M., CZEKES Z. - Outstations as stable meeting points for workers from different nests in a polydomous nest system of Formica exsecta Nyl. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

  SKWARSKA J., KALIŃSKI A., WAWRZYNIAK J., MARKOWSKI M., MIKUS W., BAŃBURA M., GLĄDALSKI M., ZIELIŃSKI P., BAŃBURA J. - Long-term variation in laying date and clutch size of Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca in Central Poland

CIACH M. - The winter bird community of rural areas in the proximity of cities: low density and rapid decrease in diversity


Short research contributions


KARABAN K., KARABAN E., UVAROV V.A. - Determination of life form spectra in soil Collembola communities: a comparison of two methods


PURGER J.J., MUŽINIĆ J., PURGER D. - Survival chances of ground nests in a meadow habitat: a case study in Vrana Lake Nature Park (Mediterranean region, Croatia)