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HITACHI S-3400N Scanning Electron Microscope

Operating in variable-vacuum conditions and equipped with an EDS x-ray microanalyser, this apparatus provides for the observation and both quantitative and qualitative analysis of metal preparations and non-metal ones that conduct electricity, as well as biological samples, and non-conducting materials

Main parameters of the microscope:

  • The microscope can operate:
    • normally (in a high vacuum), with resolution up to 3nm (SE detector) or 4nm(BSE detector),
    • at low voltage (for UACC<5kV, UACC<3kV) – resolution to 10 nm (SE detector),
    • naturally (in a low vacuum) – resolution to 4 nm (BSE detector),
  • acceleration voltage 0.3kV 30kV,
  • table (automatically on five axes),
  • a work chamber of internal diameter 215 mm allows relatively large objects to be observed,
  • magnification 5 – 300,000x,
  • image memory up to 5120x3840 pixels

The microscope is also equipped with:

  • a Pelier-system cooling table,
  • an infra-red CCD cell observation camera.

    Additional equipment:

  • an E3100 critical point drier apparatus to dry biological preparations in a CO2 atmosphere
  • an SC7640-type ion duster to dust samples of metals.

Research work is carried out for both the Museum and Institute of Zoology and other scientific institutes, higher education establishments, industrial partners, and so on.

Those interested in the research opportunities are invited to contact:

Magdalena Kowalewska, D. Eng. 
tel. 022 357-50-01 
022 357-30-01 

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Image Image  Image
 1DC k_m01 Enicocephalidae F pressilabris samiec
 Image  Image  Image
Kokolit 1 Kokolit 2 Trissonchulus benepapillosus 
 Image Image  Image 
Oko komara Warstwa fosoranowa na AL Trissonchulus benepapillosus 
 Image Image  Image 
 Fragment przewodu pokarmowego ślimaka Ceapea vindobonensis   Fragment przewodu pokarmowego ślimaka Ceapea vindobonensis (obraz SE) 
 Image Image   Image
Fragment skrzydła Borysthenes   Patyczak Warstwa Ni

Jakościowe i ilościowe analizy składu chemicznego w mikroobszarze (EDS) oraz mapping obrazu i linescan
 Image Image 
Opoka - okolice Bychawy  Skorupa ślimaka 
- Helicidae: Cepaea 
 Image Image 
 Skorupa ślimaka 
- Helicidae: Cepaea
Warstwa Ni na warstwie NI-P
(podłoże Cu)