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foto Piotr Ślipiński

  Department of Ecology and Biodiversity

Principal research interestsassemblages in the habitats after disturbances/stress

Research interestsbiodiversity, biologytaxonomyfaunistic survey of scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae)

Current projects:

1.Influence of habitat disturbances on species diversity of the scuttle fly(Diptera: Phoridae) assemblages (habilitation project).

2.Behavioral interactions between parasitic species of Phoridae and their hosts (species of Phalacrotophora Enderlain as parasitoids of Coccinellidae).

3.Scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae) of saline habitats of the Gulf of Gdańsk.

4.Cold-adapted Triphleba (Diptera: Phoridae) species.

My investigations on the phorid assemblages in moist pine forests ofdifferent zoogeographical regions in Polandand in Tyresta Forest (Sweden) after wildfires indicate that habitat heterogeneity resulting from various disturbances (clearcuts, wildfires, windthrowns) may create very similar conditions for colonizing small patches established after environmental stress.

The aims of the project are following:

(1)Characteristicsof the dominance structure, abundanceand species diversityof the scuttle fly assemblages of pine plantations of the Polish Lowlands established after clear-cuts and comparing them to the Phoridae assemblages constituted after wildfires and windfalls.

(2)Interpretation of the effects of disturbances (stress) on high diversity of pioneer Phoridae assemblages.

(3)Assessment of thesuitability of the Phoridae as a model group for the studies of ecological disturbancesas well as an ecosystem diversity indicator, especially in early stages of the secondary succession after environmental stress.


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