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  Regular research papers  

Life in extreme habitats: diversity of endolithic microorganisms from cold desert ecosystems of eastern Pamir

Khomutovska N., Jerzak M., Kostrzewska-Szlakowska I., Kwiatowski J., Suska-Malawska M., Syczewski M., Jasser I.


Factors affecting alien and native plant species richness in temperate nature reserves of northern China

Zhang X., Wang H., Wang S., Wang R., Wang Y., Liu J.


Role of seed bank in establishment of single and mixed-sowing artificial grasslands of Tibetan Plateau

Ma Z., Zhang C, Zhou H.-K., Yao B.-Q., Zhao X.-Q.


Climatic response of tracheid features of Picea meyeri along altitude gradient of Layashan Mountains of north China

Wang M., Jiang Y., Zhang W., Dong M., Kang M.


Body size distribution of spider species in various forest habitats

Stańska M., Stański T.


Niche dynamics and biodiversity: many rodent species on one marshy meadow

Jancewicz E., Gliwicz J.


Effects of wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) rooting on seedling emergence in Bialowieża Forest

Sondej I., Kwiatkowska-Falińska A.


Comparative effects of aquaculture and water level fluctuations on macroinvertebrate communities in Three Gorges Reservoir, China

Chi S., Zheng Z., Zhang Z., Hu J., Zheng J., Zhao X., Hu J., Dong F., Peng J.

 Short research contribution

Fern Azolla filiculoides at new sites in Oder River (Poland) − invader or ephemeral?

Myśliwy M., Szlauer-Łukaszewska A.


Not European wildcats, but domestic cats inhabit Tatra National Park

Zwijacz-Kozica T., Ważna A., Munõz-Fuentes V., Tiesmeyer A., Cichocki J., Nowak C.


Changes in distribution of Aesculapian snake and implications for its active conservation in Poland

Kurek K., Najberek K., Zając B., Bury S., Ćmiel A.M., Baś G., Najbar B.


Research note


A new locality of alien species Branchiura sowerbyi in Upper Oder River in Poland

Cebulska K., Krodkiewska M.