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Snakes of the world : a catalogue of living and extinct species / V. Wallach, K. L. Williams, J. Boundy. – Boca Raton, 2014. Sygn. K.35921

Equine genomics / ed. Bhanu P. Chowdhary. – Ames, Iowa, 2013. Sygn. K.38135

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The Oxford handbook of animals in classical thought and life / ed. by Gordon Lindsay Campbell. – Oxford, 2014. Sygn. K.38137

Zoology in early modern culture : intersections of science, theology, philology, and political and religious education / ed. by K. A. E. Enenkel and P. J. Smith. – Leiden, 2014. Sygn. K.38138

Mutualistic networks / J. Bascompte and P. Jordano. – Princeton, 2014. Sygn. K.38139

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Flight ways : life and loss at the edge of extinction / T. van Dooren. – New York, 2014. Sygn. K.38143




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