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Main scientific interests

Demography of avian populations
Avian migrations and stopover
Natural hybridization and reproductive barriers (study species - large white headed gulls)
Behavioural ecology
Monitoring of avian populations - theory and application

Current research projects

Stay or depart? Factors affecting individual choice at stopover site during autumn migration, based on the example of Dunlin (Calidris alpina).


Past research projects


Hybridization in gulls of the Larus argentatus-cachinnans-fuscus group: a case study in mixed populations in European Russia. International project of Polish Ministry of Science, in cooperation with Pedagogical State University in Ivanovo, Russia [ 2009-2011 ]


The role of extra-pair paternity in shaping reproductive isolation in a hybrid zone - a case study of herring and caspian gulls [ 2008-2010 ]

Selected publications

  • Neubauer G., Nowicki P., Zagalska-Neubauer M. 2014. Haldane's rule revisited: do hybrid females have a shorter lifespan? Survival of hybrids in a recent contact zone between two large gull species. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27:1248-1255
  • Ledwoń M., Betleja J., Stawarczyk T., Neubauer G. 2014. The Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybrida expansion in Poland: the role of immigration. Journal of Ornithology 155:459-470
  • Neubauer G., Sikora A. 2013. Detection probability of the Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis during quick, multiple surveys: a case study in an isolated population in northern Poland. Ornis Fennica 90:211-221
  • Ledwoń M., Neubauer G., Betleja J. 2013. Adult and pre-breeding survival estimates of the Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybrida breeding in southern Poland. Journal of Ornithology 154:633-643
  • Zagalska-Neubauer M., Neubauer G. 2012. Reproductive performance and changes in relative species abundance in a mixed colony of Herring and Caspian Gulls, Larus argentatus and L.  cachinnansActa Ornithologica 47:185-194
  • Neubauer G., Zieliński P., Wojciechowski Z., Buszkiewicz E., Siekiera J., Siekiera A. 2012. Leaving on migration: estimating departure dates of Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica from summer roosts using a capture-mark-recapture approach. Bird Study 59:144-154
  • Gibbins C.M., Neubauer G., Small B. 2011. Identification of Caspian Gull. Part 2: phenotypic variability and the field characteristics of hybrids. British Birds 104:702-742 
  • Gwiazda R., Bukaciński D., Neubauer G., Faber M., Betleja J., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Bukacińska M., Chylarecki P. 2011. Diet composition of the Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans) in inland Poland: effects of breeding area, breeding stage and sympatric breeding with the Herring Gull (Larus argentatus). Ornis Fennica 88:80-89
  • Lenda M., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Neubauer G., Skórka P. 2010. Do invasive species undergo metapopulation dynamics? A case study of the invasive Caspian Gull, Larus cachinnans, in Poland. Journal of Biogeography 37:1824-1834
  • Neubauer G., Faber M., Zagalska-Neubauer M. 2010. Yellow-legged Gull in Poland: status and separation from yellow-legged Herring Gull and hybrids. Dutch Birding 32:163-170
  • Neubauer G.,  Zagalska-Neubauer M. M., Pons J.-M., Crochet P.-A., Chylarecki P., Przystalski A., Gay L. 2009. Assortative mating without complete reproductive isolation in a zone of recent secondary contact between Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) and Caspian Gulls (L. cachinnans). Auk 126:409-419
  • Gay L., Neubauer G., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Pons J.-M., Bell D. A., Crochet P.-A. 2009. Speciation with gene flow in the large white-headed gulls: does selection counterbalance introgression? Heredity 102:133-146
  • Sikora A., Neubauer G. 2008. Scandinavian and central European subspecies of White-throated Dipper Cinclus cinclus interbreed in an isolated population in northern Poland. Ornis Fennica 85:73-81
  • Sikora A., Rohde Z., Gromadzki M., Neubauer G., Chylarecki P. 2007. The Atlas of breeding birds in Poland 1985-2004. Bogucki Wyd. Nauk, Poznań. [in Polish]
  • Neubauer G., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Betleja J. 2007. Origin of Caspian Gulls Larus cachinnans breeding in Poland. British Birds 100:554-557
  • Gay L., Neubauer G., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Pons J.-M., David P. & Crochet P.-A. 2007. Molecular and morphological patterns of introgression between two white-headed gull species in a zone of recent secondary contact. Molecular Ecology 16:3215-3227
  • Neubauer G., Zagalska-Neubauer M., Gwiazda R., Faber M., Bukaciński D., Betleja J., Chylarecki P. 2006. Breeding large gulls in Poland: distribution, numbers, trends and hybridisation. Vogelwelt 127:11-22


(most available as pdfs from GN upon request: grechuta (at) miiz.waw.pl)



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